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Mother's Day  


Complimentary glass of Pink Fiz on arrival for Mum


2. Pan con Tomate

(Toasted bread with tomato, garlic and sea salt) £4.99 add cheese £6.50


4. Hummus with Carrot Sticks, Tortilla Chips with Crusty Bread £4.99


5. [GF] Pan & Aceitunas Mixtas

(Crusty Bread & Mixed Olives) £4.99


18. [GF] Pollo Marinado

(Chicken in traditional Spanish spices) £6.99


12. Albondigas

(Spicy homemade pork and beef meatballs) £5.50

13. with a Manchego Cheese topping £5.99


15. Croquestas de jamon y queso

(Ham and cheese croquettes) £5.99


14. Chorizo ​​rociado en miel

(Chorizo drizzled in honey) £5.99


20. Chile Taco

(Homemade Beef Chilli in Taco Shells) £5.95


21. [GF] Gambas al Ajillo

(Pan fried King prawns marinated with garlic, chillies and olive oil). £7.99


43.. [GF] Tiras de Lubina con Limon

(Grilled Sea Bass Strips served with Lemon & Parsley) £6.99


25. Calamares Fritos

(Lightly seasoned baby squid tentacles served with an alioli dip)  £6.75


27. Pasteles de Merluza

(Hake fish cakes served with a sweet chilli dip) £6.50

29. Croquettas de Verduras al Curry (Curried vegetable croquettes) £5.50


28.[GF] Champinones a la Crema

(Mushrooms in a white wine, cream and garlic sauce) £5.75


30. Patatas bravas

(Shallow fried potatoes with a spicy sauce) £4.50


32. With a Manchego Cheese topping £4.85


33. Patatas Fritas

(Portion of handcut chips) £3.25


37.(GF) Verduras Mediterraneo Asadas

(Roasted and seasoned Mediterranean vegetables) £4.50


34. Tortilla Espanola

(Spanish Omelette) £4.95


[GF] any dietary requirements please advise your server when ordering



Trio of Mini Desserts Coffee/Tea


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